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01 Oct

4 Bedroom Flat roof Maisonette Utawala

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  1. Samoei

    October 1, 2019


    How much is the construction cost for this house plan

  2. Silvia

    October 1, 2019



    Oh man, this gave me goose pimples.
    #excited #motivated
    I’ve designed my future home and I saw this and I’m just shocked at all the similarities… Grey theme, the kitchen , the tiles, simple kitchen backsplash, flat roof, windows… differences : mine has hanging lines on the roof, wall around the roof , gazebo and barbecue grill). Has 3 bedrooms, walk in closet in the master and small gym and I don’t have a jacuzzi in mine, but will in future.Wow. I could buy this house without visiting the site. Lol.A girl can dream. Some dreams will come true, see you soon,God willing.jirani homes 🙂

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