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Jirani homes is an NCA class 5 listed contractor who undertakes projects on behalf of clients in any part of the country.

Our model allows clients to build using their own funds but we are flexible to build for clients in phases.

We have a flexible model whereby you only pay us 80% of each phase before we do the works, and once we complete we allow you to inspect and then clear balance.

For a Maisonette it takes 20 weeks, Bungalows take 16 weeks to completion.

Yes we allow our clients to build their houses in phases with no extra charge.

Our projects have four phases which are: foundation, walling, roofing and finishes.

Yes, Jirani Homes has the experience to build using normal stones, interlocking blocks, bricks and EPS panels.

Jirani Homes will install KPLC power connection and water connection, we will add a doorbell, smoke detectors, and CCTV Cameras.

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